The Last Jedi Trailer Release

21/04/2017 Main

Hey everyone, what’s going on? Welcome to all of you, to my arts and entertainment blog. Any of you using social media on Friday most likely saw the new poster and teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. The big highlight was the voice of Mark Hamill, which hasn’t been in a Star Wars movie since 1983 in Return of the Jedi. This trailer marked the first time that Star Wars fans have hear Luke Skywalker talk in over 30 years, which is creating waves in the fan community. Luke technically was speaking during the trailer for the last movie, Force Awakens, but that was simply dialogue from Return of the Jedi. Read more

Tips on How to Draw a Human Body

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Hello everyone. I hope you are well. I would like to welcome you back to my arts and entertainment blog. If you are interested in sketching and drawing, then this post is for you! Drawing humans has always been one of the biggest things in ancient and modern art. So I though I give you some advice on how to draw human bodies in general. So here we go. Read more

Gordon Ramsay and his TV Shows

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Gordon Ramsay and his TV Shows

Hi everyone welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. Today's blog post was actually brought on by my recent YouTube binging, and the fact that I've somehow stumbled onto yet another Gordon Ramsay TV show. Now I'm definitely not complaining about all these Gordon Ramsay TV shows; I love listening to him yell at these people who are doing terrible at their business and he just wants to try and help their business grow and survive but the recent one I saw is called Hotel Hell. I'm just really curious as to why Gordon Ramsay is going around critiquing people on how their hotel operates. The show is obviously a good idea as they've highlighted some terrible hotels on it  but this man is a chef (and a damn good one at that). Read more

Different Types of Watercolor Paints

29/03/2017 Main

Hi everyone, welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. It’s been awhile since I last posted about 40 years of punk in December. Sorry about that! I hope you’re all having a great start to 2017! Read more

40 years of Punk

02/12/2016 Main
40 years of Punk

Being born in 1970, I only caught the tail end of the punk era, with The Stranglers being the first records I ever bought in 1979. I have since however grown to love the genre and all of it’s insanity. Punk was 40 years old recently, with lots of events happening in London and around the world to celebrate it. At the forefront of the original scene were Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm Mclaren and his fashion designer wife Dame Vivienne Westwood. Their son Joe Corre, 48, founder of lingerie company  Agent Provocateur, recently provided his own stunt to commemorate the scene. This was more a protest at the commerciality that has since come with it. For sure, who hasn’t seen young hipsters in East London sporting Ramones T shirts, and you know full well they are not really fans of the music. Read more

Cartoons for adults.

19/11/2016 Main
Cartoons for adults

Hi guys, and welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog.  Now, although I’ve been officially an adult for nearly 10 years I’m still fairly childlike in a lot of ways, and one of these ways is in the TV and Films I like to watch.  I’m a big fan of cartoons and anime, one of my favourite film directors is Hayao Miyazaki from Studio Ghibli, and I know I’m not alone in enjoying sitting down and watching Cartoon Network, in fact when I first moved to South East Asia and found a place with a TV and satellite it’s all i would watch.  And I’m pretty grateful that there’s recently been a revival of cartoons and anime produced with an older audience in mind. One of the best ways to watch these cartoons is my buying the dvd, or dvd boxset , where they sell second hand used copies at great prices. Read more

Music and Life

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Music and Life Read more

Childrens themed Parties

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Childrens themed Parties

Hi all, and welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. Little Samwise will be 12 soon, so I guess I should be calling him not so little Samwise, and we've been a little bit slow planning the theme for his birthday party. I found some great party bag fillers from an online classified ads website and already have some of the decorations saved over from last years party and a couple of items from the years before that. Whilst I am still thinking about what to do for this years birthday party, I thought we could revisit some of the great parties we've had for previous years. Read more


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Kitchenaid Read more

Arts Festivals

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Giant Foosball

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Hi folks and welcome my blog.  This a general open blog intending to cover anything and everything related to arts and entertainment.  Whether it be art and expression in general or visual, film, theatre, music, festivals or grand events, this blog will at some point cover it.  Read more